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Henry Aikins Hidden Jiu-jitsu Workshop @ Core BJJ | August 13th

Henry Aikins Hidden Jiu-Jitsu Touches down in Mississauga Mississauga BJJ does it again.. this time with a ground breaking seminar featuring none other than Rickson Gracie black belt Henry Aikins. Henry Akins is one of very few black belt promoted directly from  Rickson Gracie  former instructor at the main Rickson academy in California, US.  Regarded by many […]

Mississauga BJJ |Smart Growth in Jiu-Jitsu

Core bjj and grappling | pointing at the moon as you watch my finger Now don’t get me wrong, i’m not claiming to be a mind reader BUT after many years teaching group BJJ & Martial Arts Classes i know what you are thinking 🙂 i know doubt the veracity of what i’m saying but […]

Epic IBJJF Tournament on the Way

2017’s  Biggest BJJ Superfight on the way The world wide growth of  BJJ has been nothing short of phenomenal over the past 10 years and the recent shift towards professional event with athletes actually being paid a decent sum for their grappling efforts is a great change. Heading the pack were Metamoris and ebi but […]

Highlights of 2016’s Best Paid BJJ competitors

www.bjjee.com had a very interesting article up recently covering the reported earnings of some of the pro BJJ competitors for the calendar year 2016. The numbers were quite revealing as it lays out a pretty clear reason why so much of the top flight BJJ talent has stopped crossing over into MMA. Aside from the […]

Marcos Barbosa | Guard passing that Changed the Game

Bjj Mississauga | Marcos Barbosa – One competitor that changed the game Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Helio Gracie > Rickson Gracie > Marcelo Behring > Waldomiro Perez > Roberto Godoi > Marco Barbosa Ok so I’ve been a legit fanatic of the Bjj / Grappling arts for going on 20 years now. […]

Core BJJ | A deeper look at the Over / Under pass

The Core BJJ & Grappling classes runs on laid out curriculum on a week to week basis having what I like to call “flexible thinking” comes in handy. This week while covering some more in-depth knee cutting style guard passes When it really dawned on me we hadn’t touched on one of the arts strongest fundamental […]

BJJ in action way before the UFC

Everyone starts training jiu-jitsu for different reasons and there are many different schools / styles and approaches to this great art but if you started in the 90’s as i did its was either because you saw BJJ dominated in the early MMA events or you saw this documentary.. Gracie in Action “Yes is pretty […]

Metamoris Goes Mega | Enter Ryron Gracie vs Barnett

Right now the professional side of bjj / grappling competitions is without a doubt in a growth phase, initially events like ADCC were the only really source of seeing any more from your grappling skills unless you wanted to try your hand in mma. Today we are looking at much different landscape With cash prizes […]

rules dictate style

Core BJJ & Grappling Rules should govern your style So ufc 187 is in the bag and as usual the experts have voiced their opinion on why this guy lost the fight vs that guy.. The greatest debates right now are the Blackzillian’s team being dominated on the mat in both main event fights.

Rafael Mendes Ends the Debate on Who is p4p King in BJJ

Some of you wont agree so think about this before reading or watching the videos “If the best of today’s generation were not better on the mats than the champions from 10 years -20 years ago then the as instructors and practitioners of the art we have failed where it really counts. The most important […]

BJJ Library Finale | Xande Ribeiro vs Aj Souza

The BJJ Library just finished up a reality series covering a collection of Black belts facing each other in classical jiu-jitsu submission rules. With everyone from mixed martial arts veterans to up and coming north america champions, it made for some good watching with very competitive matches along the way.

Mississauga BJJ | Takes a team to make a champion

Montreal BJJ update congrats to elite training centre member Kevin Hoang on making the all to familiar trip out to montreal and competing in the 2015 IBJJF Montreal open and taking home the gold medal in his division. The long drive out to compete is something i have done many times in the past and far from easy when alone but kevin was lucky in that the rest of the Ribeiro jiu-jitsu competition team was on hand also putting in work and dominating the way to a 1st place over all team finish for a 2nd year in a row.

One Idea that will drastically reduce your BJJ injuries

Take your BJJ Blinders off and realise when you are putting yourself in danger So in walks this questionable new student… as soon as a spoke to the guy I knew something was OFF “Years in the game will help you develop this sort of radar” Anyhow, we spoke and he seemed polite enough so I said “Ok, lets get him a Kimono and into class.” Given that he claims to have trained BJJ at another local academy but wanted to try our Core jiu-jitsu program I had him join the group class and working with one of more senior green belts.

Last of the BJJ Mohicans Make a push in MMA

When an athlete in the 90’s and early 2000’s won the mundials the next logical question would be “Ok, when is he making the transition to MMA and who will he sign with? Pride, Shooto, UFC?? But with the evolution of the art and the option of being a professional grappler now a real one most Elite BJJ stylists are not training with transitioning to MMA in mind.

Core Jiu-jitsu | Laying out The 3 Phases of Combat

Core Jiu-jitsu & Grappling Complete martial arts training in the 3 phases of combat   So, the first ever Core Jiu-Jitsu class is officially in the bag and it was by all accounts a big eye opener for many of the participants. Great to see so many new students excited to add jiujitsu to their martial arts […]