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so this event coming up looks to be pretty well attended and the club has a fairly large squad of people attending.. Ideally its best if we coordinate your training to make sure you are up to speed on everything you need to have a good experience at the events but everyone is rolling well and things should go nicely

key points

1- weight cutting is the part that can in most cases suck the most attached is a book that’s worked for me ive dropped as much as 26 lbs in 3 weeks using his system

click here —->>The Dolce Diet


The basics are 1 gram of glycogen holds 3 grams of water so cut carbs , sugar + Sodium out leading up to the weight in and you will lose a lot of the water from under your skin making weight a lot easier. I think he uses orange juice ect not a great idea stick to water and green tea the week of event if within 5lbs

Use as a general guideline only none of you are pro mma types so use of the sauna ect is past whats needed


2- point system and fighting strategic is super important here is a good blog post outlining each position and the scoring  ——— BJJ scoring system


3- cant step on the mats to coach anyway so i wont be at the event all day but will make a cameo appearance at some time after classes are done at noon if you have any questions week leading up to the event just ask..





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