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Behind The Love for Kron Gracie | UFC FN 161

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When you look at a fighter or combat sports athlete aside from actual skill in the cage  there are a bunch of attributes you check off before deciding if youv’e got a star in the making.

Do they have the look? Are they the prototypical rag to riches story? What their following outside of the sport?????

As someone in the fight game since there was a north american MMA scene I can tell you right now Kron checks all the boxes and more.

 Background-  Right off the top the guy is the grandson of Gracie jiu-jitsu founder Helio Gracie and son of the legendary undefeated family champion Rickson Gracie. There are many practitioners of orthodox Jiu-Jitsu that criticize the sportive direction sport BJJ as taken but what makes Kron different is he’s  and one of very few people to actually cross the line and step into the sportive rule set and beat all but the very best

Son of the Legend- Rickson graice

“everyone has their opinion on the legend of ricks but whatever side of the fence you finds yourself on as a practitioner of the art of Jiu-jitsu you simply have to appreciate the his flow and precision on the mat, even vs unskilled opponents you cant fake movement and Rickson’s speak for itself. If he has to come out of retirement and tap Roger and Gordon Ryan for you to take notice of what he brings to the table then i’ll jus thae to wish you luck in you studies but for the rest of you here is the legend in action…

Why fight? 

The exact opposite of a down on his luck tough guy with only 1 way out!! No rags to riches story here this is a guy that had every chance to do something else and instead chose to follow in the steps of his father/grandfather and put his skills to the test!!

Son of the family champion and a practitioner of the same throwback style of Jiu-Jitsu Kron could have easily just run and academy and chased the good life that way, or if he wanted to push it a bit focus more on BJJ as he did beating many of the best while playing a very “simple” game instead the guy goes all the way into the mma pool starting in japan and now crossing over to the UFC where the best in the sport of MMA compete this post isn’t

BUT How could he Be Ready?? Yes yes i’ve head it all and not going down that rabbit hole tonight.. this posts not about skills its about mentality..

Watch this interview and you’ll understand why BJJ practitioners who dont even watch the UFC are going to be glued to the TV tonight as Kron takes his skills to the cage vs Cub Swanson.

Cant wait to see how this one goes down, personally i do feel there are plenty of opponents who can give Kron styles with the 5 min rounds and rules in play but i dont count Cub among them. Outside of the boxing ability Cub doesn’t bring much danger to the fight and has a habit of getting submitted in pressure scenarios which I see Kron putting him in if given the chance.

lets see how it goes

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