BJJ 101 Wearing the uniform the right way

How To Wear Your BJJ Uniform properly


The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu uniform also know and a Gi is a staple of almost all academies. In most academies, on your first day, you are handed the gi and expected to figure out how to put it on. The BJJ gi is unlike any other item of clothing and requires a certain level of understanding on how to best wear it.

We have put together a step-by-step guide to ensure that all our new practitioners can step on the mat on their first day looking smart in their new Uniform.

Putting on BJJ Gi pants

When putting on the pants, make sure that they are above your hips, and then pull the drawstring outwards to tighten. The drawstrings should have a knot at the end to bring the final knot to a stop. Make sure to tighten the not to the left or right of the belly button to leave room for the knot of the belt which follows later.

Once you put your gi top on, cross the left part over the right and make sure it has crossed over so that the bottom and end tips of the gi are in line.




Properly Tying Your BJJ Belt

And now for the final part, take your belt and fold it in half. Make your way down the fold in the center of the belt until you reach the ends that should be perfectly in line. Place the fold in the center of the belt below your belly button, and wrap the belt around your waist, making your way from the front to the back. Once you reach the back, the belt will cross and make its way back to the front. You now have both ends of the belt in each hand and they should be in line.

Take the top part and run it under both folds until it comes out from the top. Now take the top part and place it over the bottom end. Reach through the gap that has been created, grab both ends, and pull outwards to tighten the belt.


Congratulations! You have taken your very first step in your BJJ journey! Osu!


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