making the back work on defense

BJJ’s Best of the back position | Felipe Pena Vs Eduardo Telles

Eduardo Telles BJJ’s master of Back position

There is no understating the level of defensive mastery possessed by Eduardo Telles when dealing with conventional BJJ back attack’s.


Coming from a more fight based application of the art I can appreciate the need to be good turning to the knees and scrambling from there but, most people approach the situation more with a wrestling influenced double or single leg take-down when under the sprawl, or in some cases looking to re-compose the guard.

Telles  puts a whole new spit on things by not only staying on bottom inviting the traditional BJJ back attacks and makes even the very BEST of competitors pay for the attempt.

Watch start with this classic Telles vs Rener Gracie from 2004 for a sharp contrast in styles of orthodox vs turtle guard

Enter Felipe Pena and Andre Galvao
Felipe Pena stands at amongst today’s best young stars in the the sportive side of BJJ, an offensive mastermind Pena scrambles with the very best  rarely conceding positions without a quick counter as displayed in his match with BJJ legend “Andre Galvao” below

When i thought of the best back attackers in the art from the top position I immediately thought Rafael Mendes, Roger Gracie and Felipe Pena..
 just for curiosity sake i was reviewing some of Telles BJJ footage and ran across that  insane match featuring two masters of the back position (top vs bottom)..
Having no idea these two ever competed vs each-other in past this made for a very special surprise and more importantly this mega fight didn’t disappoint at all
so amazing scrambles in this one

Masters of the back position square off in the 2013 no gi wolds championship

Do yourself a favour and watch the entire match there is a lot of golden transitions in this one

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