rules dictate style

Core BJJ & Grappling Rules should govern your style So ufc 187 is in the bag and as usual the experts have voiced their opinion on why this guy lost the fight vs that guy.. The greatest debates right now are the Blackzillian’s team being dominated on the mat in both main event fights.

One Idea that will drastically reduce your BJJ injuries

Take your BJJ Blinders off and realise when you are putting yourself in danger So in walks this questionable new student… as soon as a spoke to the guy I knew something was OFF “Years in the game will help you develop this sort of radar” Anyhow, we spoke and he seemed polite enough so I said “Ok, lets get him a Kimono and into class.” Given that he claims to have trained BJJ at another local academy but wanted to try our Core jiu-jitsu program I had him join the group class and working with one of more senior green belts.