Competition And Sport BJJ

Unlike many martial arts Brazilian jiu-jitsu & grappling safely gives

Freestyle Wrestling 

students a chance to fully apply the techniques they learn, real time vs a resisting opponent.

As results BJJ has exploded world wide in popularity over the past 15 years. Bringing to life many of the local and international competitions students are able to participate in testing their execution of the art vs a trained opponent.

The game of human chess

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BJJ & Grappling matches have a very intricate rule and scoring system.

Match winners are determined by

  • Fight ending choke
  • Submission hold
  • Points for sweep / reversals
  • Point given for gaining dominant position.
  • In some rare cases Referee decision

Taking the extra steps

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Your training as a grappling competitor needs to be approached differently than someone focusing solely on the art for a hobby or for self defense. as a member of our Mississauga core bjj academy you have access to specialized competition based training sessions.

Beyond individual techniques this program digs deeply into the conditioning , strategy & tactical attributes that it takes to consistently end up in the winners podium of the various events competitors attend.

Complete training for optimal results

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Our Mississauga Jiu-Jitsu academy offers students the opportunity to educate themselves in all areas of grappling. As a member here you also have complimentary access to high level instruction in Freestyle Wrestling with the Mat men wrestling team, held every Saturday morning at the academy.

Having the ability to dictate the range of a match is priceless, making the Take-down technique, Speed, Intensity and Conditioning that wrestling develops a valuable skill set to have in your tool box.

We invite you to join a winning team and take you training to the next level. Just click here to register for you free intro classes & new visitor bonuses.