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Core Jiu-Jitsu & Grappling | 2018 Mississauga BJJ belt promotions

New system for belt promotions @ Core BJJ Mississauga

Some healthy buzz going around regarding the 1st of the series of 2018 students curriculum’s and lesson plans, that’s good because they are going to be a solid tool in helping guide both new and experienced students stay on track while covering the right technique’s and concepts being focused on by the group at our Mississauga BJJ academy.

The plethora of free info available today can actually work against you as a someone trying to learn Jiu-Jitsu.  with too much going on you master very little and with BJJ skill development being the goal here we’ve taken the stance of running the core curriculum as a base to build around, in addition to whatever else is taught or worked on by you individually.

The russians put it best explaining the benefits of steady practice and a solid understanding before jumping all over the map in terms of training…

quote detailing the process behind at curriculum

BJJ evaluations focused on both form and function

As a martial arts & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu schools go most seem to land squarely in one of two camps, either more focused on Form or Function.

By  Form that I mean sticking to the pre-set ways of doing things according to the “style and tradition” as dictated by the higher ranking belts . Keeping with the concepts and strategies being presented as time tested and effective.  The other side of the coin lies with those more interested developing the best skill set to get the job done when needed.

Honestly in a tournament or confrontation of any sort are you more concerned with good results or doing thing according to the book?? This is heavily highlighted in the competitive realm of the sport bjj,  styles and tactics evolve so quickly it can be easy as a student to be so caught up in the latest sweep or submission popular that month/year  and end up lacking many of the key basics the leave you with a more complete BJJ skill set.

we’ve fixed things up at the elite but a few years ago this was strongly the case with some of our most successful competitive students ” who remembers the 24/7 Berimbolo days :)” lol nothing agains the berimbolo but i stand by the reasoning if you cant hip escape you may want to address that movement 1st:)

just to prove it here are two berimbolo masters in action

Core BJJ testing structure fix going forward

Really quite sensible when you think of it, with the belts being given the 4 stripes at each level going forward the promotions will be based on both the academic / technical understanding of the curriculum in addition to the real world application of things.

Going about things this way ensures we are all on the same page technique wise & still ensures promotions are based on more than just competitive results or the ability to simply duplicate the movement a few times while being evaluated.

Mississauga BJJ belt promotion process

1-general grasp of the technique ( 2 ) practical application of those moves..(3) More advanced technique from the list at that belt  (4) enhanced application of the new technique and a VERy solid understanding and ability to apply the fundamentals from the belt introduced in phase 1.

bjj belt system in mississauga

This new graduated ranking system should help keep everyone on track to their respective goals in the art whether that be hobby, personal study or competitive aspirations.

To download your copy of th student curriculum email me directly here and I will get you the appropriate testing sheet and upcoming lesson plans.


no post is complete without some must watch footage.. in this some classic roger gracie doing what he does to such a masterful degree

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