Core BJJ & Grappling | Denis Delivers with a big win in Global warriors MMA #2

What a night!!! Last night Global warriors #2 brought a much needed return to action for some Ontario’s best MMA talent.


What a night!!! Last night Global warriors #2 brought a much needed return to action for some Ontario’s best MMA talent.


The fights were great to the least, the few that I saw were nicely matched with both competitors looking to bring it hard and make a statement in the first show of this scale held locally in a long time.

I didn’t stay the whole time as I’ve got so much on the go right now with other projects and responsibilities I really couldn’t be hanging out or going to the show at all to be honest. Still with my long time training partner, friend and world class knock-out artist Denis Puric fighting what else can I do except make the time.


Now this blog has more to do with jiu-jitsu than anything else and I promise I will tie back into that soon,  but first a bit of info to set the backdrop to what went on.

In my opinion of all the old school Iron tiger fighters I would have to say Denis is by far the most explosive.

Mukai Maromo (also fighting soon) comes in a close second but losses points in my book for wearing those damn men’s Capri pants and the rest of highly fashionable clothing, that just much too fitted for any rapid movements

As demonstrated in the video above Denis has serious power in every strike and we know he can knock-out anyone if he connects (background in taekwondo and muay thai) But funny enough I have also till seen him takedown or throw just about everyone within 30lbs of his weight in our themississauga mma training sessions.

As is the case with many fighters the missing like was the technical details of the ground work.

Gert even the toughest guy on the mat with no finesse and it is generally easy pickings for most skilled grapplers. The casual observer will never realize this if they don’t train BJJ, Wrestling or some form of ground fighting art, but unlike the striking arts, without a decent knowledge base you don’t have a “punchers chance” at winning.

Physical attributes help but will rarely be enough to get you safely though any extended period of time on your back vs a guy on top that has skills and bad intentions in mma.

Fighters pay attention – Both MMA & BJJ have changed

xande ribeiro quote

BJJ probably one of the most popular arts associated to most peoples mma skill set has gone through a massive changes in the last 10 years..

The sport side of bjj is big enough now that you don’t and won’t see too many world champions in BJJ making the previously common cross over to Mixed martial arts anymore. As a result the sport BJJ game has really evolved into a very specific game of its own..

No MMA grappler is putting on a gi and winning the high level tournament’s.. take it from me ….Aint gonna happen”

At the highest levels today the focuses,skill sets and tactics are far too different. Working under that assumption can someone please tell me why so many BJJ based fighters have yet to figure out they are bringing a “Plastic Knife to gun fight” trying to run that same grappling game in mixed martial arts??

No time to get into the nitty gritty of what we did differently for Denis training sessions but I will say the results speak themselves.

Far from a ground wizard and nowhere near where he will be skills wise if he sticks to the system for another 12 months steadily, Denis showed a whole new dimension to his game which opens the door to him a much more dangerous fighter in MMA.

With much improved take-down defence , positioning and overall ground movement we saw things out of this man thought previously impossible.. solid hip motion, defense, get ups and even some impressive offence from the open guard off his back toward the end of the 3rd round made this fight well worth the effort to be there.

Learning, training and understanding the key movements on the ground is the path to better jiu-jitsu in a fight.  Denis has started on the road towards doing that and will go long way using the new tools added to his skill set.



Big thanks to the promoters of the event for making it happen, Denis for doing the work to get the job done and all the students at the students who were great training partners coming in for what they thought was a BJJ class that ended up sparring with this maniac to help get him ready. Thanks for the patience now that the fight is done we are back on our normal training schedule.

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