Core BJJ & Grappling | Foot sweep Entries for Better Take-downs


Why you train jiu-jitsu is directly impacts how you train. in today’s sport BJJ game most opponents look to pull guard eliminating the need for a complete take down and standing defense game but if you are in a position where being on your back isn’t a part of the plan foot sweeps are a great technique based way to get the job done that take little to no power and if you miss you aren’t terribly out of position.

This week in the Mississauga Bjj 101 classes we took a look at the Kouchi Gari a classical judo throw and a few good way to put it to use in BJJ and self defense.

Kouchi Gari | One of Jigoro Kano’s original judo techniques makes for a great tool in any grapplers toolbox

Kouchi Gari (小内刈?), is one of the original 40 throws of Judo. While it takes some serious practice to develop the timing balance and foot placement to pull it off but once you’ve got it it is a great tool in the foot sweep department of your BJJ & Grappling skill set.


Attacking the basic technique

1.)After your opponent takes a big step forwards with their right foot and before they put that foot to the floor pivot on your left foot, open your body to the left and bend your right toes well to the inside. Put your right foot (big-toe side bent in) on the inside of your opponent’s right foot so that it strikes the back of their heel.

2.)Sliding your foot along the floor, clip their heal in the direction of their toes.

Footage of the sweep in action

You can find some really great examples of foot-sweeps in action if you watch BJJ, Judo & Sambo footage.

My recent favourite has got to be BJJ Blackbelt and submission machine Dan Camarillo baiting his opponent with the foot sweep into a flying triangle at the 2014 U.S BJJ open !!!

watch from 1min – 1:30 of the clip below to see 90’s BJJ kingpin Amaury Bitteti setup a great sweep vs the late Ryan Gracie

 Given the range needed to pull off the classical sweep we don’t teach it as a self defense technique in the Core Jiu-Jitsu program but that doesn’t take away from its value, like any technique if you own it enough you can put it to good use in almost any setting.

In Martial arts Combinations are King

Any individual technique is tricky to pull off, especially something technical as a foot sweep but in martial arts the real power lies in thinking a few steps ahead and drawing a reaction from your opponent to pull off your real goal.

With Seoi Nage being one of the more popular upper body arm throws this this foot sweep is a great option to follow up on your opponents defense.

take a look at the video below “in Korean but you get the idea”

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