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BJJ Mississauga Curriculum Launch

It would take a lot more time than we have here in this write up to go over all the elements that make our BJJ program the city’s fastest-growing and most successful, so instead of doing all that I’m gonna touch on just one aspect of the formula to our Mississauga martial academy success.

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drilling technqiue at mississauga BJJ

I believe the saying goes
if you have no set destination any road will do” and in the study of BJJ / Mixed Martial Arts that is one of the truest things that could have ever been said.

In many martial arts academies the process goes, You sign up & hit the mats training with the goal of “beating” the belt above you or winning a tournament at which time you get a belt upgrade. For a martial art based on personal development that’s clearly a backward approach, so as of recently it’s been more common to see the annual belt promotion ceremony where students are promoted on a yearly basis.

While I’m not here to criticize what others are doing it’s pretty clear to see how both of those approaches are lacking for student growth in terms of actual knowledge.

This is not to say you wouldn’t be very tough and effective in the application of your skills by training that way, I Personally trained that way for years.

But with BJJ’s rise in popularity in Mississauga and globally, with people from all walks of life now participating in classes it only makes sense for us to roll out a curriculum that gives students more
Just a few of the benefits of our new curriculum
1-Easy to follow2-Gives you tangible benchmarks and requirements
3-Takes all the guesswork out of your training
4- Makes your development about more than “winning”

core bjj roadmap
A clear roadmap to BJJ Development

We’ve been running on these lesson plans the last few weeks on and off but with guest instructors like professor Syl Moroney and Andrew Macdonald, we occasionally put the on the back burner.

We have several more guest coaches coming by this summer but will be sticking to the script for all of the foundation’s & Youth BJJ classes | Schedule for all programs here —->

We will be adding several more classes both adult and kids to the schedule next week and one of my major goals for the remainder of 2022 is to see students at all levels in the programs “speaking the same language technique-wise”

As I said at the start this is just one part of what makes Mississauga BJJ so special, but it’s a big part and something you can look forward to.


Coach Patrick


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