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Core Jiu-jitsu | Laying out The 3 Phases of Combat

Core Jiu-jitsu & Grappling Complete martial arts training in the 3 phases of combat

core bjj takedown

So, the first ever Core Jiu-Jitsu class is officially in the bag and it was by all accounts a big eye opener for many of the participants. Great to see so many new students excited to add jiujitsu to their martial arts skills set.

For many people this new program really the best option to start learning Jiu-Jitsu given it combines all the elements of unarmed combat.

I say “many people” because there are people  more focused in the competitive elements of the art, and in that case far better off training in the sport specific ways needed to be successful in those area’s but for someone seeking well rounded knowledge without aspirations of sport competition.. this is a great answer.

Unlike our other grappling classes  the Core Jiu-Jitsu sessions are taught through a lens where Punches, Kicks, Knees, Elbows, Head-butts and just about everything else we are likely to run into when oppossing an aggressor is factored in.

For maximum efficiency, in addition to our grappling skills we also cover the Stand-up + ground striking and ever important transition to the ground elements of a fight.

The big difference is that it is all (for now) taught from from a Jiu-Jitsu perspective

That means if you ever have to use the skills you’ve learned in Life, training or competition the choice of tactics is your. But in class for now the focus is on teaching students the Key elements of  the time tested strategy used by Jiu-Jitsu practitioners to come out on top.

Each class is broken down into 3 zones/phases/ranges “still deciding on the exact name :)”

Zone 3 – stand-up range not in contact (furthest range)

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Here we will be focusing on proper stance & technique for striking, maintaining and closing the distance between yourself and opponents safely. It’s here you can take a break relax and read someone intentions safely

Zone 2 – Transition range  where you are finally hands on with your opponent

(middle distance & by far the most dangerous and neglected range  for most grapplers as it is here you hit or get hit. Take the opponent down or get take-down if things go poorly

Looking at the safest and most effective take-downs & counters to ensure the fight ends up where you want… for sport BJJ guys, pulling guard is nice but in a fight you are better off on top so we start with dealing by covering the most common strikes and take-downs you’ll face first giving you a workable knowledge of your options outside of working off you back.


In session #1 we looked at the tool of a push kick / stomp, long used in Thai-boxing but made popular  by the Gracie’s in early Vale Tudo “no holds barred” competition as a tool to cover the distance safely and more recently UFC Champion Jon Jones as a great “spacer” to kill his opponents base and keep the distance in his fights.

Zone 1- Ground work.


In the past 20 years the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu movement has really changed the way people look at ground fighting.

Not even so much in what is done “as there is very little new under the sun” but certainly HOW the strategy, refinements and application of  techniques not totally foreign to other grappling styles like Judo, Sambo or Wrestling made people using Jiu-Jitsu seem unbeatable until the other learned it as well.

The ground work portion of our Jiu-Jitsu program will be doing the same, covering the most applicable concepts to help you positionally dominate opponent on the ground giving you the option of using strikes, immobilisation or submission to put an end to the situation.

“please note the idea of immobilisation.. you cant always punch someone out or choke them due to legal ramifications of today’s society if it was for self defence but I have a ton of great stories where nicely tying someone up came in handy on many fronts, Stay tuned for the Swat Team + UZI sub machine gun under the couch story another time… A crazy but true story.”

Covering both offence and defence through the lens of a “fight first” perspective, we drastically reduce the number of techniques focused on compared to a freestyle wrestling or bjj class. Instead we chose to focus on the “core” ideas and tactics that make the force that is has always been in realm of self defense.

Here is a quick video of me applying the idea of the Core Jiu-Jitsu based fighting in mixed martial arts… Now you don’t have to be a UFC fighter to follow the same time tested strategy but this one is a perfect step by step example or finding the safe distance and timing of the opponent, 2-closing the distance with minimal time spend in zone #2 , 3- Finishing the fight on the ground via choke after finding a dominant position.

Free intro Class #1 take place next week tuesday & thursday 6pm register here



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