Core Jiu-Jitsu Team wins The team Title @ Grappling Industries 2020 event

Last weekend saw a big first in our academies competition department as Coaches took a small part of the team down to the 2019 Grappling Industries Toronto event.

The event sold out quickly so registration was closed weeks out guaranteeing a good turn out competition wise. That’s always a plus and while we generally do well at the events youth divisions, given our current lack of teen competitors by the time those divisions roll around we are usually pushed down to 3 or 4th place in terms of overall team results.

Not this time…
Even with a relatively small group of students we had almost everyone place on the medal podium and it gave us the boost we needed to asure we were still ahead by a large margin at the end of the day.

These results speak to the level of commitment we have on all fronts for the practice of this amazing martial art.

With the size of the program & classes growing as fast as they are it would be easy to think we’d shifted focus entirely to providing the life skills department or watered down the attention to detail to cater to the masses… that is until Coach Zarko & Ricks team of well trained students hit the mat and deliver these types of results.

Always a work in progress you can be sure we are constantly looking to improve the training experience for all members and 2020 will be no different, We have some really amazing upgrades on the way in the form of our Karate/ kickboxing program.

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Following the award winning curriculum offered at the Canadian Black Belt Academy our jr karate and kickboxing classes will round out the skill sets needed to push our upcoming Sport jiu-jitsu and jr MMA programs later this year..

More info on that later this week but for now, thanks and congratulations to all the coaches, families, and students that helped us get to this point, you have our promise we’ll continue delivering the goal oriented and quality instruction we’ve become so well known for.

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