Core Jiu Jitsu | Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling

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The grappling system favored by everyone from everyday martial art students all the way to top MMA Professionals
for the best in self-defense training

Unlike any Mississauga BJJ training you may have done before, Core Jiu-Jitsu is a complete martial arts system. Taking your training beyond the confines of sportive rules or point scoring systems

Core Jiu-Jitsu offers easy to follow structured training in the complete art of Jiu-Jitsu, covering all ranges of combat.

Take full control of your martial arts training

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Our Core BJJ & Grappling classes follow a smarter technique based to training the gentle art of Jiu-jitsu. Effective ground work focused on solid positioning, leverage and technique is what makes Jiu-Jitsu a powerful martial art. By taking a complete approach to your Jiu-Jitsu training we ensure your skills carry over to any setting whether it be defending yourself in a situation where you have to defend yourself, Grappling in a Gi / No-gi or competing in MMA and other combat sports.


Aside from the technical training, Core Jiu-Jitsu classes also offer unique dynamic warm ups and skill development drills that will help tone your body, build better balance & flexibility plus give you a special kind of “real world” strength you wont find in any weight room.


While it is a well known fact most fights hit the ground at some point, it is also very true they nearly all start from a standing position. Neglecting the stand-up portion of Jiu-Jitsu  leaves you unable to  control where the action takes and puts you at a big disadvantage. merges the most effective tactics best from BJJ, Wrestling, Judo and Sambo to make students a complete package standing and on the ground.

Take a moment and really think about it

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Jiu-jitsu translates to “gentle art” but most academies skip the “gentle & technical” based

parts of training in search of immediate competition results.

If you are in the 95% of people who are not fighters does this make sense for your daily training?

How we teach

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At Core BJJ & Grappling Academy  we teach the art of jiu-jitsu in a way that the arts makes sense for EVERYONE regardless of age, gender or level of physical fitness, This is crucial for 1 major reason….

Bjj is necessary for personal safety

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Stat’s show that more than 90% of confrontations end up in the grappling distance or on the ground.
Knowing Jiu-jitsu will keep you out of harm’s way by giving you the skills to defend yourself in these close-quarters situations. Having the confidence to defend yourself should you hit the ground is something that cant be overlook and paramount in any situation.

Building a solid foundation of skills has never been easier

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In many martial arts academies students are either taught up to 4 new & unrelated techniques every class!!!  This can be overwhelming and confusing, even for an expert in the art. Taking that approach as a beginner tends to leave you frustrated at your lack of progress and even  worse,guessing what’s coming next from class to class.

Our structured Core Jiu-jitsu lesson plans take the confusion out of learning the art by decoding the language of BJJ & Grappling and making it easy to put the pieces of the puzzle together and help you develop a complete skill set

Covering the full spectrum of the art, our Core Jiu-Jitsu program is a great starting point for beginners as you will learn the basic of everything from self defense & combative techniques to the most important fundamentals for competition based jiu-jitsu.