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Covid-19 or not it’s pretty safe to say parents want the best for their kids.


Under normal circumstances when you register your child in our martial arts Academy, we understand the positive results you are looking for, and honestly 12 + months into this Covid-19 situation that no one saw coming or lasting this long, I can safely say our program has never been more needed than now.

Weekly group class schedule running 
  Monday Wednesday and Friday @ 6pm
 **Private training available upon request** 

A Few Benefits of Core Jiu-Jitsu for Kids


Our system teaches the best of the self defense and anti bullying skills that make Karate one of the worlds most practiced martial arts.


The learning new skills and building totally unique motor pathways calls for two things every child today can benefit from, steady focus and dedicated practice. These habits translate to success is school and life.


Family after family in our program speak to the improvement in behavior, grades and personal skills they see that come as a result of our holistic approach to martial arts. Seeing your child excel on the mats and in life is our #1 goal.

With  things unfolding the way they have everyone is doing their best with limited options and parents shouldn’t have to see their children’s fitness level and focus go down the drain until Covid is a thing of the past, So we are making our move to help by  offering this quality online youth Martial arts program. 

We’ve taken the time to build out something substantial that will both give your child they love and greatly benefit from, all in the comfort of your home.

Expert Guidance

With classes taught by Sensei Richard Boomer, your child will be building better Fitness, Mobility and Focus in the pursuit martial arts mastery in a way that delivers success both in and out of practice

Weekly Group Class Schedule  
  Monday Wednesday and Friday @ 6pm
 **Private training available upon request** 

Expert Guidance

With each and every class taught by sensei Richard Boomer, your child will be building better fitness and mobility while building focus and achieving real-world goals that cross over in a huge way to everyday life

Core Karate is the Ultimate Youth Martial Arts Experience

Delivered in our very popular module system we’re so confident your family will love the program that we are offering the first 7 days day money back guarantee.


Making Your Child A Champion In Life And On The Mats

Getting Started Is Easy

Four easy steps

1- Fill out the contact form below.

2- Register for your ” head start ” consultation call where we can learn more about your child’s gas and challenges.

3- Enjoy your complimentary week at no cost.

4 – At the end of the intro week pick the membership that works best for your family and enjoy the benefits of quality martial arts instruction. 

Students Love Core Martial arts,
And Here's Why Parents Do Too..

“It’s worth every penny! We have two young children enrolled  and the coaches are very patient and efficient. My kids are really enjoying every session.” Celine T.

“I signed up my son in the Core Kids Program for the positive changes it offered him, but it’s the big smile on Sammy’s face after every class that makes me realize I definitely chose the right martial arts academy.” Elizabeth Shu

“We tried enrolling Sam in soccer, then baseball, but it just wasn’t his thing. He’s never been too athletic, and we were beginning to think he was being picked on at school, so we thought we’d try martial arts. After the first class, he was already showing off his new moves and asking if he was going the next week. It was so cute! Now, I’ve noticed that he doesn’t try to get out of going to school and comes home with a smile.”  Barbara H.


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