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Dan Hale | Open Guard Mastery Workshop

BJJ Mississauga Guard Retention Workshop
Featuring Professor Daniel Hale

BJJ practitioners are always looking for new and better ways to maintain the guard. A staple in the art and major focus in BJJ compared to other grappling systems , an effective guard can literally make a break your results on the mat.

As common sense and as silly as this sounds Step 1 of an effective guard is actually having and maintaining the guard .

The best way to practice that is guard retention drills, building the flexibility, mobility and composure needed to turn the table on the aggressor even though you are on your back.

The game of BJJ has grown so much in the past 10 years it’s would be a huge mistake to assume that as a coach I  know everything, So instead of closing my eyes to the evolution I’ve actively taken the approach of trying to seek out the best information from the most knowledgeable sources for our Mississauga martial arts students_ my own personal development.

Enter Alliance BJJ Black Belt – Daniel Hale

bjj master cobrinha and daniel hale getting his black belt

Head instructor of Academix BJJ in Burlington Ontario. A longtime friend,  Dan is an expert in the art and a Ruben Cobrinha Charles black belt.

Yes you heard that right a black belt directly from the Alliance BJJ legend and competition ace most notably known for his hard to pass guard + all the attacks that stem from it.  Anyone hailing from from that pedigree is guaranteed to know more than a few useful tactics so we’re taking advantage of the opportunity to have Dan come by and run a session on the Open Guard

Initially we were looking at this weekend but the  Academix team headed to the IBJJF open in NYC we have shifted the date to the 20th of July.

Saturday July 20th 12 pm —- Inside bjjmississauga.com


I do fully recognize it is a Saturday and the middle of summer so some of you may be tempted to skip it for the patio season  but take a look at the instruction in videos to get an idea of the level of sophistication merged with common sense simplicity in the technique the brought to the table in each of his classes.

Results speak for themselves and that makes this BJJ guard workshop a must hit event, open to all Core BJJ Members and of-course any  Academix BJJ students living in the local area.

Look forward to seeing you on the mat, see catch you on the 20th

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