Grappling industries Jan 2023 Wrap up

Wanted to thank and congratulate everyone who made this weekend’s impressive results at the recent Grappling industries event possible.
As always, we don’t push anyone to compete in any event format but do our best to support and prepare those who do.

The results speak for themselves.. too much media to post but here are a few pics of what’s hit my inbox this weekend



-Thanks and congratulations to all the coaches who made it out to the corner and support the athletes.

-Competitors who put in the work to prepare and build strategies that will always be in your bag of tricks going forward 

– The other 90+ percent of the academy that while they didn’t compete, helped those who did on and off the mats and are responsible for the Safe, Ego-Free & Productive atmosphere that Core Jiu-Jitsu is as an academy. could do it without you

Jiu-Jitsu is Tree with many branches on it and while competition is far from the only  thing its still nice to have the option and do well when you put it on the mats

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