mississauga bjj lead my coach henrique garcez this week

Mississauga BJJ | While Not quite a Vacation :)

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Guest BJJ &Grappling Coach on Deck This Week

Time away from any task is crucial to rest step out of the box and often come back fresh with new energy and perspective you pick up from stepping outside of the box..So vacations are good.. I’m going to take a little Stay-Cation from teaching this coming week as our Henrique Garcez will be in town andย  taking over the classes for the week.

A BJJ and MMA competitor training out of Demian Maia’sย  prestigious Vila de Lutta academy in Sao Paulo, Henrique always brings great insight and different details to the mission for of effective ground work.

Making the rounds with the rest of the team in New York City and training at spots like Columbia Wrestling room, Marcelo Garcia &ย  Renzo Gracie Academy i’m sure this year wont be any less amazing that last years visit.

I’ll still be around the academy but primarily training myself and tying up lose ends and taking it easy for the week. So he will be taking my regular scheduled classes & also available for private lessons. A guard specialist you will certainly learn a lot hitting the mats with him.
Thanks Enjoy

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