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Henry Aikins Hidden Jiu-jitsu Workshop @ Core BJJ | August 13th

Henry Aikins Hidden Jiu-Jitsu Touches down in Mississauga

mississauga bjj seminar with henry aikins

Mississauga BJJ does it again.. this time with a ground breaking seminar featuring none other than Rickson Gracie black belt Henry Aikins.

Henry Akins is one of very few black belt promoted directly from  Rickson Gracie  former instructor at the main Rickson academy in California, US.  Regarded by many as one of the  best black belts produced by the legendary Gracie, Henry’s views on the “fundamentals” of BJJ and style of instruction make him one of the most sought after and highly regarded instructors in the industry.

Trusted enough by Rickson to lead his academy as head coach for years we are very excited to be welcoming him for the first ever GTA area seminar.

Take a look at some footage below

The workshop taking place Sunday august 13th from 12pm – 3pm

at the Mississauga Elite Training Centre

Full sign up registration is available here —–>>

Take a look at some clips highlighting his work below and we hope to see you there

Again here is the link to the registration for the workshop——->> Click to register

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