Mississauga BJJ | July 4-9 lesson plans

July 4th Mississauga BJJ lesson plans

This week we will be looking at  forcing some high percentage reactions from closed guard vs a skilled standing opponent. most often we will be faced with someone looking to stand so the Catucada & muscle sweep are two variations of a very similar approach made famous by caio terra /roger grace and xande ribiero.. slight differences to each approach buy a must have skill in the closed guard tool box playing closed guard from the bottom

6pm – Mat A- Muscle sweep & Chair sweep vs standing opponent
Mat B- half guard push to mount & Passing to side control
No Gi – 7pm -Arm triangles + DGB combo

Thursday July  6th – Core BJJ and grappling
6pm – Core BJJ & Grappling
Mat A- Tuesday review + arm lock from closed guard vs standing opponent with broken posutre
Mat  B- Tuesday review + No hands pass to mount and side
7pm –No gi –  Standing hand fight to sweep single review + DGB Review


Core BJJ @ 11am Review
12pm – 7* 5 min rounds

Thanks see you on the mats

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