Game changing Guard passing Concept | Leg Drag

Leg drag’s change the BJJ guard passing Game

If you watch BJJ / Jiu-Jitsu actively you have got to agree all the best passers have a few techniques/ ideas in commong one we can not overlook to develop a complete passing and attacking guard is the Leg Drag..

The idea of crossing a guys legs up and passing back in towards the legs im sure is nothing new BUT given the number of highly level players using its the leg drags taken on a life of its own. Applicable from just about every position you dont want to overlook this guard passing strategy.

Some background on this game changer

First time i saw it clearly demonstrated was Chekmat BJJ leader Leo Viera teaching it in Hawaii in the mid 2000’s.

Prior to that your see it in scrambles in matches as early as the  90’s and even a really primitive version some times in mma but now as i said its take on a life of its own.

Remember grips and hand position are going to vary but the overall goal of spiting the knees is what im calling the leg drag for the same of this post (some people look at it as a step in using a weave to pass as well)

Common uses

1-Passing delariva guard




Variation off the Torreando guard pass

This is a really good as it highlight my point about the movement being more powerful than any one grip

Guard passing grandmasters (mendes bros in action)

Here is a solid highlight that really shows how variable the concept is, Rafa and Gui Mendes put this passing sequence to serious work always keeping the guard player under pressure the brothers and rodolfo veira are two sets of mundial champions who make the leg drag a staple in their grappling toolkit.

here is a highlight of RAFA Mendes using it in every possible way

Mississauga BJJ students be ready we are hitting the leg drag hard this week so touching up on these videos is only going to help.


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