Masterclass in Defending BJJ/Grappling most dangerous Submission

Class is in session on BJJ / MMA’s most feared submission

ryal hall leg lock
master class in escaping mma most dangerous submission

This may not come as  shock to many of you already watching but heel hooks were absolute game changers !! Take your pick of the  submission only or open grappling events ala Eddie bravo invitational, ADCC or Metamoris and the facts are there.

Once again  the numbers don’t lie, in the recent Eddie bravo invitational 4 event, the majority of submission wins were decided by heel hook.

Grappler’s  like Gary Cummings , Gary Tonnon, Dean Lister and Rosimar palhares, and most notably the “10th Dan master of leg locks” Imanari have been nearly punishing opponents for years with these relatively straight forward, yet super dangerous twisting leg lock so its not like they are going anywhere any time soon.

The choice is simple, Learn the counters to address the attacks in  a comprehensive way or do like many people and stick you head in the sand wishing for a world where knee reaping / heel hooking didn’t exist .

Joining these people with your head in the and wont change the reality of leg locks :)

Sorry folks whether you are a fan or not these leg locks are REAL!! They work are here to stay.

Choices choices…..

BJJ as a sport has totally outlawed the concept of heel hooking for safety reasons which I can totally follow, but the concept of Knee reaping is one where “the baby got thrown out with the bath water” not allowing people to practice even setting the optimal positions for leg locks doesn’t help anything.

Safety is one thing but taking it this far, Under current sport bjj rules the emphasis on any leg locks being applied is taking place on the weaker more easy to escape side and prohibiting most of the real go to leg entanglements that make the leg lock escape so dangerous on the mat

As an athlete you will have to decide will you cut your skills and knowledge short In order to focus solely on the IBJJF sportive rules??? Or pick partners you can trust and dedicate time towards learning the ins and outs of grappling most effective submission, hold making you a more complete grappler?

Some great Vids

If you agree the knowledge is the best defense take a look at the videos below for a free master class in leg lock defense

put on by Andre Galvao at ADCC vs MR “I am Innocent” Rosimar Palhares  + a few other gems that will help cover the key points

1 Recognizing the danger

2- Spinning in the correct direction to release pressure

3- Using the right tools to break the attacking grip and secure an escape position or safe leg defence


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