mississauga martial arts class in action at core bjj & grappling

Mini Ninja’s Historic Promotion @ Core BJJ Mississauga

Core BJJ Kids | Mini Ninja’s Historic Belt Promotion


We would like to put the spotlight on and give a huge congratulations to Jane W, one of our youngest and also first-ever graduate from the Mini Ninjas program 

mini ninjas bjj graduate in mississauga bjj
Core jiu-jitsu & grappling first youth mini ninja’s bjj program graduate

The first and only Mississauga martial arts academy to offer BJJ & Self Defense programs for preschool students, Our age-specific Mini Ninjas lesson plans are designed for student’s 4-6yrs old , with a focus on teaching them how to become better students both in and out of the academy.

In just the 18 months Jane has been training BJJ she has been able to learn and practice new skills like focus and patience, helping her build a solid base in the art. Watch out Juniors! Now that Jane has earned her grey/white belt, she has officially graduated from the mini’s program and is able to start attending our Juniors BJJ classes to continue along her journey to martial arts mastery.

mississauga martial arts class in action at core bjj & grappling
Mississauga Youth Martial arts in action at Core Bjj & Grappling

More Details On Mississauga BJJ Mini Ninjas

Our classes provide students with a slower-paced, fun & friendly learning environment to help them develop all the skills needed to succeed later in the study of the martial arts.

Taking a complete approach to child development these 30-minute sessions cover a lot more than how to do the punches, kicks or throws often associated with Brazilian jiu-jitsu & Karate, and also take the time to focus on developing other valuable skills like

  • First time listening
  • Respect for others
  • Learning by watching
  • The importance of Asking questions if you don’t understand something.

“Working through play” our Mini’s have a blast learning exactly what their bodies and minds are capable of and one thing parents always notice is improved behavior at home and in school once in the program so we are super happy to continue sharing with the community and just as proud of the very first graduate for the program.

See you on the mats

core bjj kids program mississauga mini ninjas
early days of the mini ninjas program @ mississauga elite


Coach Rick


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