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Mississauga BJJ | Curriculum roll out

With so many styles of bjj/ jiu-jitsu out there it’s really up to you what direction you take in terms of your skill development.

A truely complete martial art people are applying the skills of jiu-jitsu across platforms including Sports competitions,  cross-training for mixed martial arts, or mastery of classical self-defense. There’s really no limit to what you can do with it as a martial art but one thing is for sure.

Having a clear roadmap to your goals always helps

We’ve always practiced following a topical lesson plan rotating every few weeks, but with the growth of the academy and recent shutdowns, I took the time to really refine things and make getting back to class easier for our Mississauga BJJ students.

The new lesson plans launched yesterday in our noon class and will run in the core bjj classes all this month


With the beginners BJJ program offering 3 classes per week, we’ve put together a monthly roadmap operating on a rotating curriculum so students have plenty of opportunities to really dial in the lessons taught and minimize the guesswork that makes learning the art tricky for some.

Download your copy of the feb lesson plans here—->>> Click to download

Naturally, everyone’s experience and expertise of the art is going to vary and that’s part of what makes it so awesome but having this shared foundation makes everything a lot easier.

Again you can get you hands on a copy of the February lesson plans here   ——-> Core BJJ February lessons plans


Colored belt , kids jiu-jitsu and no gi lesson plans launched next week
thanks see you on the mats

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