mississauga bjj kids keep winning

Mississauga BJJ Kids | Smashing Results at Provincial Championships

Big congratulations to all the participant’s coaches and families who made this past weekend’s success at the Provincial BJJ championships a reality.

This time we took 2nd place overall at the Ontario Provincial Jiu-Jitsu Championship! A massive accomplishment when you factor in the small size of the team coach Zarko fielded for the event. On average we do quite well on a ratio of the competitor vs results basis but this time the time really hit the ball out of the park with a total of 91 points from just our one academy, outperforming many much larger associations and teams.

Congratulations to all of our competitors who went with Coach Z to represent us at the tournament. We are all very proud of your hard work and dedication!

Jiu-jitsu is much more than a sport but these are great events

We always stress to parents and students having that learning in and out of the academy, having fun and developing as a martial artist is a priority in training, far above and beyond tournaments but there is no denying the positive benefits of teaching the kids the value goal setting, physical and mental preparation and then the opportunity to put all the practice to use on the mats when its game day.

Since taking on the role as head of the kid’s competition team, Coach Zarko has always lead them to solid results and things look to be getting even better..

Congratulations again to the whole team and all parents who make the Core Jiu-jitsu kids program the success it is, and entrusting us with the martial arts and fitness education of your children.


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