Mississauga BJJ State Of the Union + Chokes in action


Things at the academy are is going great.
The greatest reason for this without a doubt in my opinion is
the approach we are taking to the different branches of the tree
of Jiu-Jitsu.

Giving specific training for every aspect of things

BJJ is s huge art covering everything from sport to self defense
and even mma applications and our Mississauga BJJ program is
covering all the bases giving members world class instruction in
all aspects of the art.

Getting you up to speed

Take a look at this (our most important blog post for anyone studying BJJ)
and below as we summarize the complete up to date schedule + program outlines

Program offerings and times

Core BJJ & Grappling
Monday & Wednesday 7 pm – 8pm


Complete training in the art of Jiu-Jitsu covering everything from
punches and kicks to the outlawed tactics that you have to be most aware of in a real fight situation.

The best base for new members & anyone looking to figure out how to actually defend themselves in grappling situation with strikes allowed.

Core BJJ & Youth Empowerment 

mississauga kids bjj
Monday & Wednesday 6 pm -7 pm
Tuesday, Thursday 5 pm -6 pm + Saturday @  Noon / 12 pm

The complete solution to Bully-proofing your child.
Safe , Fun & non Violent youth self defense training that give
children ages 4-12 everything they need to excel in training
and life.

Using the Base of Core Jiu-Jitsu we teach social skill,
Self Esteem and build fitness, focus, discipline.

No Gi Submission Wrestling

Tuesday & Thursday 7 pm 8 pm + Saturday @ 1 pm

best toronto no gi program
Good Jiu-Jitsu works in in a t-shirt, Hoodie Jean jacket, Topless or in a full Gi

To make sure you can do it all we offer this program to ensure students are 100 confident grappling without the grip based controls many people get dependent on training exclusively in a Gi. Takedowns, scrambles , leg locks and a totally different pace to training make No Gi training a must for anyone looking to learn the full art.

BJJ 101 
Tuesday & Thursday 6pm -7pm & Saturday @ 11am/noom

The foundation focused approach to the sport of BJJ covering
everything you need grappling wise to effectively compete or train
the art as passion and tool for better health and fitness. with no strikes
in this class it allows  students to get more creative with their techniques
and tactics on the mat. This class also has a strong emphasis on
stand-up grappling using the best of judo and wrestling techniques that
work both with and without the gi.

BJJ Competition team

Speak to coaches for drilling schedule


Training focused 100  100 percent towards getting results in the highly technical game of sport BJJ competition.  Here we delve into the most effective drill, technique & tactics to dominate in tournament competition. This class is an absolute must do for anyone in the sport side of things.

Thanks and see you soon



Take a look at my first big MMA win via the first choke we teach in the core system  🙂

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