Mississauga BJJ Team Hits the IBJJF Summer Open

Congrats to the team that went down to NYC for the IBJJF summer open.

Competition is far from the the focus in more peoples Jiu-Jitsu training but it is a great way to gain experience and test your skills vs another trained opponent.

That being said a few die hard members of the small but dangerous Mississauga BJJ competition team took the show on the raod and attended the recent IBJJF NYC SUMMER OPEN.

Looks like they ran into a few legends in the sport on the visit

paulo-miyao-bjj curtis-lynch-bjj-marcello-garcia

In terms of the actual event, As usual the crew did pretty well, with almost everyone coming back with some hardware.

ibjjf team chris-alfar-bjj curtis-lynch-bjj

From what I’ve heard we have a 1st,2nd, and 3rdplace finish out of 4 competitors..

Not a bad great start considering  the guys didn’t really train specifically for the event.

As a wise man “ME” once said..  “If you stay ready you don’t have to get ready!!!

bjj-team 13667801_10208220798530195_4328853816932266248_o

Congrats to everyone who made it out + helped them train towards the results delivered even though on the mats its a 1 on 1 battle it definitely takes a strong team to see good results in competition and it looks like everoyne is getting better every time out.

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