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Youth Martial Arts | Stranger Danger is Back

We are excited to announce the return of one of our most popular workshops with the April 2022 edition of the Stranger Danger youth safety workshop. Designed specifically for families looking to boost their Children’s best line of self-defense …..


Our last stranger danger workshop was hosted in late 2019, This always popular seminar is a hit among parents and students as we take a break from the usual martial arts and focus exclusively on the extremely valuable verbal and self-defense strategies that help kids stay safe in everyday life.

Take a look here for the write up of our last Mississauga kids self-defense workshop

Every year in Canada, over 50 000 children are reported missing to the police. While most are resolved within a short period of time, others become long-term cases of missing children. Of course, this can be a very sensitive topic to bring up to your children, so how do we empower our children and educate them
on stranger awareness without scaring them?


As a martial arts academy
, we see the importance of building the leaders of tomorrow, and it is our goal to help every child that walks through our doors become the best version of themselves on and off the mats and that starts with making sure they are safe, so every year we take the time to share verbal and self-defense strategies that make all the difference in a potentially dangerous situation.

Held in our academy at the corner of Dundas and Tomken, Your child will learn the importance of awareness, how to identify strangers, and be given tools to help prevent any dangerous situations. It is said that repetition is the mother of learning, so the more families in the community with can help and share these self-defense skills the better

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Look forward to seeing you there,

Coach Rick


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