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Core Kids Stranger Danger Seminar November 2019

Core Kids Stranger Danger Seminar November 2019

At Elite Training Centre we are always challenging ourselves as coaches and role models to create new and exciting ways to impact our community. As leaders in the martial arts it is our responsibility to use the values we have learned to help grow and strengthen the people around us.

With over 40 students packing on to the floor last Saturday afternoon, we had our first real opportunity to make that difference.

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More and more important

In 2018, there were over 42 000 child abduction cases in Canada alone, and with Amber Alerts now going directly to cell phones these issues are becoming harder and harder to ignore.

Child abductions and stranger awareness are always very sensitives subjects to discuss with a child, as we must ask ourselves how do I best prepare my child for a dangerous situation, without scaring or intimidating them?

At Elite we answer that question with two words Confidence and

Through our 1-hour Stranger Danger Mississauga martial arts workshop, we were able to work with children of all different age groups to not only clearly define what exactly a stranger is, but what tactics they might use earn your trust. Once we understand what a stranger is and learn how to identify them, we can begin to look at what to do to stay safe in specific situations.

Students that participated in our seminar learned about confident body language, spatial awareness and using a loud and confident voice to help them avoid any uncomfortable situations.

This seminar highlighted many of the values martial arts offers to children, it was incredible to see the shy children discover their big voices and learn to speak confidently, or watching the more energetic children slow down and really focus in on the small details of the techniques
being taught. Together we learned some real world, practical and applicable self defense techniques, but more importantly we learned that being prepared, staying aware and being confident are the biggest factors in staying safe.

Thank you to everyone who attended the seminar, the parents who volunteered as our in- house strangers and Coach Patrick for giving us the opportunity to host such an incredible

Keep an eye out for even more amazing events coming for Core Kids in 2020!

Coach Rick

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