Mississauga BJJ | No GI & Submission Wrestling

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Why be lost on the ground just because your opponents isn’t wearing a GI

Learning how to apply your Jiu-jitsu skills without a GI is an important part of every martial artists training.

No Gi / Submission is a style practised by everyone from recreational students to World class MMA professionals.

The faster paced and more dynamic style of training offered in our  No Gi program is still structured around BJJ concepts but mixed with an incredible blend of techniques from Wrestling , Sambo and Judo to give you complete answer for every grappling situation.  With or without a Gi.

Take-downs, Ground work, Submissions

Our Mississauga BJJ academies No Gi program covers all the bases and is powered by the dynamic curriculum & system of 12 time  World BJJ champion Caio Terra

It’s hard to overlook the great results our Mississauga BJJ program in every setting from local grappling tournaments all the way to the UFC and MMA events.

One key to our students success is the structure of our program and focus on developing well rounded Jiu-Jitsu practitioners.

Leaving no stone unturned in our mission to educate our students our NO-GI program ensures everyone from recreational hobbyists all the way to professional competitors enjoys the benefits that come with having a full toolbox of skills they can count on when they really need it.

True to the Art

Yes our no gi classes are taught without the kimono but that in no way means we abandon the core concepts of  jiu-Jitsu. Our classes focus on building solid fundamentals and technique and emphasizing the importance of dominant position in any encounter.

Similar but still Different

The difference between traditional Jiu-Jitsu and No gi / Submissions wrestling with a kimono lies in the grips.

On the ground and in the stand-up game the grips provided by the BJJ uniform cause a lot more friction that youll encounter without a gi.

Becoming reliant on these grips to control and opponent and apply techniques is common with BJJ students that train exclusively in the kimono.

Follow the roadmap to success

Our coaches have over 20 years experience applying jiu-jitsu in every possible setting from local grappling competition all the way to the UFC so we’ve eliminated the guess work from your training and lay out an easy to follow road map to the martial arts and fitness results you deserve in all of our programs.

We’d like to invite you to get started with our  giving you a chance to experience exactly why we are your #1 choice for quality BJJ & Grappling instruction.