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Now don’t get me wrong, i’m not claiming to be a mind reader BUT after many years teaching group BJJ & Martial Arts Classes i know what you are thinking 🙂

i know doubt the veracity of what i’m saying but that doesn’t really matter 🙂 when teaching I know exactly what the crowd is thinking..

the first couple years teaching you are trying to figure out your specific personal style and deliver of the message /techniques. I was lucky to start training in grappling under a man (sylvain moroney)  who I still believe has one of the best system for teaching everyday “normal” people interested in Jiu-Jitsu.

syl moroney bjj

I’t didn’t take long for me to pick up the same flow and over the years add my own taste to it.  all in all id say im pretty effective as an instructor and convey the idea’s to the students well BUT there is still the #1 issue facing every leader of a class..

What do you do when the crowd just don’t care about what you’re talking about???

not paying attention in class mississauga bjj coach knows

I told you know what you’re thinking.. lol

I look out at the crowd 25-40 faces some are thinking about randon tv shows,  some others just want me to shut up so they can start rolling and try that new move they saw on Youtube , and then there are about 25 percent, they are tuned in on the same frequency, and following the system.

“Breaking news= it may or not be a coincidence but these 20-25 percent of the class are also the the most effective with their jiu-jitsu” hmmmmm?

Easy way to be better than your instructor?

It really shouldnt be that hard when you think about it.. if you have a sincere instructor really most interested in developing your skills , they would teach you everything they knew “at the right time” all their best tricks tactics and moves. Baring physical attributes and mat time etc that means you would have the advantage of all thier knowledge + the new positions and techniques being innovated every day.

Unlikely 1997 BJJ student can do much vs 2017 BJJ student unless 2017 was asleep in class..

the answer to that is simple.. if you are skipping the valuable yet sometimes not all the exciting concepts your instructor is teaching you (fundamentals) that they gained through years of training then there is a good possibility that no matter how new you favourite technique is that you will walk head first into the trap and no know what is going on until its too late.

Fabio Gurgel said it best modern BJJ is by far superior to that of old “due to innovation and sheer number of people practicing now” IF you learn and pay attention to the foundational lessons being taught in class. If you try to skip head you are taking your chances  wasting valuable time trying to re-invent the wheel 

(its a great watch but if you just want the quote in context skip to 3 min mark)


speaking of fundamentals white belt class was a lot of fun this week as i stepped in to cover thar’s vacation growing quickly with lots of new faces..


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