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Until recently Jiu-Jitsu was 100 percent martial arts. By that I mean it was combat based in theory and application.

Could debate this one all day but more or less the actual definition goes along the lines of this- Martial arts Definition Martial arts cover a broad range of activities that involve fighting techniques, physical exercises, and methods of mental discipline”

You are in class training with a very physical freshly inspired to try this new neck crank submission he saw on the weekend’s UFC… After pulling closed guard they start coloring outside the lines they reach both hands towards the crown of your head and pulling.. hard trying to execute the infamous can opener.

here's the can opener

YES I am well aware neck cranks and cervical locks are strictly prohibited by the I.B.J.J.F (international Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu federation) but what difference does that make to you 30 seconds later with the damage this easily applied technique delivers the damage its designed to??

All the apologies in the world wont make things better if you are hurt as a result of having no answers for these basic attacks.
That being the case, instead of depending on the rules to keep us safe our Mississauga martial arts academy runs a fundamentals program covering the base of attacks and defenses that will help you put your grappling skills to use in all scenarios.

What I just illustrated is a common gaps in the available offerings of jiu-jitsu in most places the art is taught as growth of the art as just about every other element is growing by leaps and bounds… MMA, Sport and Self defense patterns are all getting more and more popular but what about issues everyday people face vs un-trained opponents on and off the mats?

Every academy is different but using the original Gracie academy as a example they had a very interesting view on what makes a blue belt

As the sportive side grows (both MMA & Grappling) less and less attention is paid to this combative aspect of things and that is a shame because in reality the “martial art side” of things is of greatest benefit to the vast of people practicing Jiu-Jitsu.

You don’t have to be stepping the octagon to keep the fighting elements of  your Jiu-Jitsu alive so playing with the offence and defense most commonly used by raw opponents always come in handy.


Protect that neck by adding this info to your Jiu-Jitsu playbook.

1st video- Whats worked best for me in the past just going with the flow and changing the situation entirely before thinking of any counters
2nd video is Rickson Gracie black belt Sydney Silva showing some great details to  an Arm-Bar counter

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