Rafael Mendes Ends the Debate on Who is p4p King in BJJ

Some of you wont agree so think about this before reading or watching the videos

“If the best of today’s generation were not better on the mats than the champions from 10 years -20 years ago then the as instructors and practitioners of the art we have failed where it really counts. The most important thing is to keep the art moving forward. Rafa is the best today but someday, someone will beat Rafael and that guy will have to a very scary individual because in my humble opinion this guys the most dominant competitor in bjj history ever.”



After this weekend recent 2015 mundials and some of what we just saw Rafael Mendes do to top flight competition I don’t think there is really much space for argument that we are right now looking at the best competitor jiu-jitsu history p4p.

For those of you who want to delve back in history and talk about how much better other competitors at his weight class were say,Im sorry it ain’t true :)..

On top of being a sport BJJ is also a martial art so the fundamentals are key but as a sport things get better with time.

Rafael’s game’s represents the evolution of sport bjj in its highest form. What people often forget is as he also has the benefit of knowing everything the teachers and competitors that came before him knew plus all the game he shows every event.

I still to this day myself prefer Margarida’s run from 1999 -2001 playing a easy to follow hand in collar sweep or finish style guard and solid passing, but cmon people times change!!! Margarida guard would get leg dragged to pieces today and the advent of the Reverse Delariva and Berimolo games that developed as answers to his passing style are great examples of why the best p4p competitor is not in the past but instead right in front of our eyes on the mats today.

I may train a different style and like other guys games better but looking at things honestly i have to say there has never anyone who does what Rafa is doing right now in the history of jiu-jitsu.


Marcelo Garcia is another machine that many people say would be the other rival for top spot.. After this years Mundial’s I can’t say it’s a question anymore.. I’ve seen Marcelo beaten and even submitted at his weight class before, whereas with Mendes you can count on “half a hand” the amount times he has even been behind on a positional exchange much less submitted.

Watch what Rafa does to Mario Reis ( a serious contender himself) from 5:12 on in the video you’ll get a great example of how far ahead of the game rafa is , the crowd is happy about what looks to be a sweep that is scored on rafa when seconds later he is on mario’s back moments away from the match ending choke..

watch from (5:12

“He has Mario who is a perennial medallist totally clueless and on the defence the entire match relegated to just reaction to his attacks.. that is not easy to do.”

I am a Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu guy all the way, for me is the best mix of classical and modern jiu-jitsu but I’ve gotta be honest and say on average most competitors and fans “myself included” do not even know which way Rafa is taking action.

The man controls the action so far ahead of the recognizable position that what looks like a scramble to us, is actually a master level setup by him.. If this is not the case and he is just reacting to the situation at hand then the guy is not human and he really has something different going on

Watch this back take vs the legendary Cobrinha.. Unreal


if you feel different after watching this please tell me where im wrong.

Craziest back take you will see today takes place starts at 6:10 seconds in to the match


Unreal triangle vs Moizinho.. also check out the speed of the transitions leading up to it


Some bigger none better.. In the Kimono we haven’t seen this level of execution to date. if im wrong please send me links or video

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