super fight at evolve your game bjj this weekend

The Future of BJJ today | EUG

Monster BJJ tourney this weekend

one of the few upsides of this whole covid shutdown has been the growth of the professional grappling circuit, with everything from the No-Gi scene blowing up to Eddie Bravo’s CJJ & the advent of amazing professional Jiu-jitsu events going down almost every weekend. The creation of the lineup of the upcoming EUG 2 event is bringing the future of the art together on the mats to see who’s going to lead the pack.

The best in today’s young talent, squaring off with full stacked divisions and one particularly interesting 1st round match featuring two of the “next ones” everyone has been talking about for some time. Mendes brothers team AOJ ace Tainan Dalpra vs a guy many believe to be nearly unstoppable right now, team Dream art – Manaus prodigy Mica Galvao.


Tainan Dalpra’s waiting at the top

Elite level competitor since touching down in America Tainan is one of the aces @ AOJ

While I don’t know much about Tainan’s background prior to connecting with the Mendes brothers program his dominance and steady acceleration to the top of the sport is undeniable absolutely running over many of the elite on his way to prominence and really standing out as a strong guard passer and slotted to carry the torch handed down from the supremely dominant Mendes brothers on the competitions side of things.


Some footage of Tainan at Purple vs A level American competitor Bill Cooper 

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BJJ’s Latest Monster from Manaus

While not as popular to the general public and bjj practitioners as the hubs of Sao Paulo or Rio, Manaus is the home of a steady stream of well balanced legends and hard nosed competitiors in the art. Saulo RibeiroXande RibeiroOmar SalumGabriel MoraesRonaldo “Jacare” SouzaBibiano FernandesAry FariasFernando VieiraPaulo “Coelho” BrandãoFredson PaixãoArlison “Kiki” MeloAntonio Braga Neto as well as legendary figures such as Cosmo DiasCarlos Holanda.

There is a new pack of beasts coming out of the Amazon and the most talked about today for sure has to be Mica Galvao

Son of Dram art Manaus instructor and alliance Jiujitsu blackbelt Melqui Galvão , Mica has been taking out everyone put in front of him since he’s stepped on the mat, first making a stir by taking our brown belts as a 13-year-old green belt & later causing a stir as a teenaged blue belt by challenging black belts and actually submitting them.

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There were some questions as to his no-gi skill set but he came to America last recently and steamrolled the competition at no-gi pan ams on route to another gold medal and setting up this 1st round super fight at EUG June 12


There are no losers in this 170’lbs tourney & I for one as a fan very much appreciate the chance to watch so many future aces go at it in the first round, and how packed the rest of the event is across the board.

Drop your winner in Galvao vs Dalpra & the overall tournament winner in the comments

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