The Guard Passing Evolution using the “Float’ vs Leg Locks

Logic tells you its not magic or some soft of style superiority that’s driving the dominance of BJJ in the open grappling competitions like ADCC or submission events, instead it’s directly co-related to the # of people practicing the art .

With grappling competitions every weekend around the world and BJJ academy coaches / trainers always looking for the edge innovation and evolution are the two guiding forces that keep the best of the best on top and as a result keep the art of jiu-jitsu relevant in every application. (Gi -Submission – MMA)

Core jiu-jitsu lies right in the middle

Those of you who  haven’t been keep upon the blog posts click here to for an important one a few years old detailing how important the leg attack game was becoming in jiu-jitsu / submission grappling

Flash forward to today and hopefully you don’t need me to tell you every High level competitor is up leg locks or coming up short vs those who are.

Jiu-Jitsu Evolves To Find a Way

A relatively new and effective way of  shutting down the most common leg attacks & positioning yourself for a series of attacks is the” float passing system.” Used by just about everyone in the know competing at a high level today its been really put in the spotlight by  champions Vagner Rocha and Gordon Ryan.

Long time friend and one of my regular MMA training partners for training camps in Florida, Vagner is a guy who i’ve always followed in terms of the evolution of his gave & the focus has paid off big this time as the float is a great addition to anyone top game

Gone are the days of running out leg locks or avoiding the fight this float / pressure passing has completely opened a new dimension to my top game and is for sure the next  go too for standing guard players and pressure passers looking to neutralize those leg locks.

Added to the drills in the No Gi class it will be a heavy focus over the next few month once you guys have the basics down. I can see this becoming the go to weak side strategy vs people with a strong the guard.

That being said make no mistake someone will someone cook up a solution eventually…. in combative sports someone always does but in the mean time do not leave this game changer out of your tool box.

see you on the mats


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