The Man From Thailand | Special Mississauga BJJ Members Workshop

Core BJJ Mississauga welcomes Professor Andrew Macdonald

The recent business shutdowns had a negative impact on many academies but with the support of our team and supportive crew of jiu-jitsu students, we’ve managed to make it through and actually come out the other side of the storm a bit stronger.

new facility new classes and hopefully while circumstances permit some new coaches

as a way of saying thanks to the team, this weekend we had the pleasure of hosting a free members-only workshop with Coach Andrew Macdonald of Arete Jiu-Jitsu- Thailand.

Leading the BJJ Takeover in Thailand

Long time friend and training partner, I’ve watched in the last few years as Andrew helped push the competitive BJJ in Thailand to a whole new level with the solid facility and coaching staff at his cutting edge academy in heart of Bangkok.
Arete BJJ academy ===>> Check it out

Yes folks there is more than Muay Thai and good eats in Thailand, Arte is home to a high-level staff and a solid rotation of guest instructors/visitors

The Beauty of Jiu-jitsu | Soo Many Branches on the Tree

Most people don’t realize it but Jiu-Jitsu is a complete martial art in that it covers every aspect of combat if you want to dig deep enough to find it, I’ve been lucky enough to train with and learn from many of the best in every element of the art so whenever possible do my best to expose the students in our Mississauga martial arts academy to the knowledge outside of my specialty.

Professor Macdonald came through and delivered in a big way this weekend with solid answers for both knee cut guard retention and the elusive finishing details on the “411” if this sounds like a foreign language to you then sport BJJ may not be your thing but that’s there are many branches on the tree and you can take useful knowledge from everyone..

With Professor McDonald in town until things clear up in Thailand im going to do my best to get him in at least few days a week for classes to keep things rolling and add more to the specialized toolbox of you sport BJJ fanatics 🙂

Thanks again and below is a clip from the weekend’s class .

P.s poor quality footage beats none so no complaining 🙂