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Real World class strikers arrive in MMA & Taking no prisoners

Enough of the hype talk.. every event you hear the term “world class striking” ¬†thrown around and while many fighters are of a high degree of skill today is the first time we have seen credentialed ¬†champions in the “traditional martial arts” cross over to MMA with some time to mature in the elements outside of their main arts.

If you saw last nights grab bag of techniques applied by Wonderboy thompson it is very clear that karate, kung fu, taekwondo and other traditional martial arts

are far from “dead in the water” when it comes to real world application, just it takes time to develop a solid base in the other habits needed to apply them in mma at a high level.

Take a listen to this quick breakdown of the most overlooked key to success with all high level mixed martial arts competitors dominating the game today.

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